Monthly Blog Post June 7,2021

Monthly Blog Post June 7,2021

Summer Style Trends for 2021

As the summer temperatures begin to rise, the summer style trends for 2021 are officially showing on the racks. Another factor that is exciting the fashion industry is the roadmap out of the pandemic lockdown, and the freedom for people to begin moving about in the world. This freedom has people looking for new fashions to wear as they reunite with family and friends. 

Now that you can go out into the public scene again, fashion becomes an important factor, so you show up at your social gatherings looking your absolute best. 

Looking at runways from Paris to New York has shown what the 2021 fashion trends will look like this summer. These are some of the styles you will begin to see hitting the fashion scene so you can stay on top of your look. 

Puffy Sleeves

The puffy, voluminous sleeve is back for another season and could even last longer. These sleeves look great on a blouse with a pair of statement trousers for a fun day out with friends. The puffy sleeve also looks great with a pair of shorts, or you might want to try them with a sexy split skirt. 

At 227 Boutique, you will find several different looks of puffy sleeves. One great choice is the Doll Look 1 and Doll Look 2

This top is an incredibly comfortable Top with its button-up collar neckline, light and dark denim lightweight fabric with a  Belt, and awesome feel. You will love the attached Tulle bottom that flows in the wind.

blind cotton /spandex/polyester blend. 


The trend of sheer design is not for everyone, but the summer 2021 designs will bring you a range of unique new ways to seize the trend and find your perfect choice. One great way to wear these designs is to layer semi-sheer maxi dresses over your favorite swimsuit. Another great choice is to wear a sheer garment as an additional layer over your favorite mini dress. Because the temperatures are on the rise, you can drop the shawl, and grab a beautiful sheer. 

227 Boutique offers various selections of  designs. One favorite is the back at it again  Sheer Sleeve Jumpsuit. This beautiful long sheer sleeve suit is lightweight and incredibly comfortable. You will love the elegant look and how well it stretches for a perfect fit. 

Wrap-Around Straps

Swimwear-style straps that go around your waist are going to add a special touch to your long-sleeved tops. Criss-cross straps have been embraced by celebrities for several seasons now, and when you wear a wrap-around strap with your midi skirt, you'll be right in style for the summer of 2021 summer fashion trend. Add a pair of open-toe sandals and heads will turn as you enter your favorite social gathering. 

Wide-Leg Trousers

A style of the '80s comes back as a summer 2021 fashion trend with high-waisted office trousers, and wide-leg trousers are back with the cropped culottes and cargo pants. If you want to create a feminine finish to one of these favorites, layer one with a slouchy matching jacket or retro slogan sweatshirt. 

Color Block Dress 

from 227 Boutique will provide you both comfort and style with their soft fabric. This is a Shirt Dress with Color Block style you can wear this night or day and easily match it up with your favorite Sandals or Shoes. 

Crop Tops

Summertime is the perfect time for the crop top. This fashion design has so many choices on how you can wear a crop top and put your own spin on the trend. Whether you wear one under a blazer jacket, or as a puffy sleeve embellishment, you are going to look great.

Where to Find Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

If you are looking for affordable women's fashions, 227 Boutique is your source for the best of wear. We carry the top fashion trends along with accessories all at prices you can afford. It is our mission to provide women with clothing options that are contemporary, sophisticated and allow them to keep up with current fashion trends.

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